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Get Ready for National Pet Preparedness Month!

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Disasters, whether natural or man-made, afflict millions of people every year. We've been encouraged time and time again to create "go-bags" for ourselves in case there's an emergency and we must leave home right away. But have you created a "go-bag" for your furry friends?

Because June is National Pet Preparedness Month, we want to make sure you as pet parents know what you need for your beloved pets should an emergency arise. This is why we created a Pet Preparedness Checklist. This list includes items you should have readily available such as extra food, bedding, and carriers.

During an emergency is not the time to start scrambling to find your pets' supplies, it is before the emergency even begins. Don't wait, begin creating your pets' "go-bag" today!

We have conveniently included our Pet Preparedness Checklist* as a free PDF below. Be sure to download and print your copy.

From our pet family to yours, Happy National Pet Preparedness Month!

Pet Preparedness Checklist
Download PDF • 502KB

*This checklist is not all-inclusive. It is simply a guide that pet parents can use as a launching pad to begin creating an emergency kit for their pets.


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