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Snuggle Bug Cat Care of Greensboro

Mission Statement:

"At Snuggle Bug Cat Care of Greensboro, our goal is to provide professional and reliable cat sitting services while offering peace of mind to cat owners. We accomplish this through professional development and continued education to further our understanding of cats. We also strive to maintain open communication with our clients so they stay in the loop even when they're away from home. Our why is simple: we genuinely love cats and want their care to be our priority."

The Snuggle Bug Standard of Care

1) Professionalism

Snuggle Bug Cat Care of Greensboro is a professional team based, family-owned & operated cat care company. Our clients can rest easy knowing they are entrusting their pets and homes to reliable, qualified, insured, and bonded pet sitters. We are also Pet First Aid and CPR Certified and members of Pet Sitters Associates.

2) Trust & Respect

We follow the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. This means we will not invade your privacy. We will only go where your pets are and where their food and toys are. Closed doors will remain closed. Any accidents your pets make will be cleaned up. The last thing we want is for you to come home to a mess. Our goal when coming into your home is to make sure your pets are safe, happy, and healthy.

3) Technology

We use professional pet sitting software, Time to Pet, to keep you updated. When you request services through your personalized Time to Pet Client Portal, your approved booking is automatically added to our calendar so we will not forget to visit your pets. After each visit, a report card will be sent to you via Time to Pet along with updates and photos so you're always in the loop. Your portal also provides you with the convenience of requesting and managing your bookings, paying your invoices, and messaging your sitter directly.

4) Safety

Safety is a top priority. We will always lock the door behind us when we enter and exit your home along with arming your security system, if you have one. Cats are kept indoors and caged pets are secured after each visit. A Veterinary Release Form is required to be filled out before the first visit to ensure your instructions are followed should an emergency arise and a trip to the vet becomes necessary.

5) Communication

We understand how important being able to get in contact with your pet sitter is when you're away. You can always send them a secure message through the Time to Pet app with any questions or concerns. We never want you to worry about your pets or your home.

6) Genuine Love of Animals

Snuggle Bug Cat Care of Greensboro was born from a heartfelt, genuine love of animals and it's still the motivating factor of this company. We make it our number one priority to give your pets as much love and attention as we possibly can.   

cat sitting

Meet Jules

cat sitter greensboro nc

Wilson (pictured above). He and his sister, Isla, were the first two cats I was hired to cat sit for in 2019. 

Animals have always brought me happiness. That's why starting a pet sitting business just made sense to me.

I remember sitting on the couch one day, petting my cat Momo, thinking 'I wish I could just snuggle cats all day instead of going to work.' I worked full time at Guilford College and while I enjoyed helping the students, it wasn't bringing me happiness or satisfaction. So I decided to start small. I would offer pet sitting services as a side gig. That was the summer of 2019.

As new clients starting coming in, I realized I couldn't continue to work full time and pet sit. I was spreading myself too thin. A choice had to be made.

In January 2020, I quit my office job to dedicate myself fully to pet sitting. Of course the pandemic hit not long after and pet sitting all but dried up for a while. But I used that time to audit my business. I did a major overhaul of my website, I modified my services and rates, and eventually started working with an industry-specific business coach at the start of 2022.

In June 2022, I decided to discontinue dog care. In all honesty, I only offered dog care in the beginning to "fit in" with all the other pet sitters and dog walkers out there. But when I took a closer look at myself and my business, I realized I didn't enjoy working with dogs the way I did with cats. I had to be true to myself if I was going to succeed.

I officially made the leap to cats only in January 2023 with my business name changing from Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting to Snuggle Bug Cat Care of Greensboro. Although I still offer small pet care, my primary services are cat related. By focusing only on cats, I get the chance to hone my skills and increase my knowledge regarding feline behavior, enrichment, and health.

I recognize I still have a long way to go but I'm excited to learn and grow. Cats are my passion. I love them all, whether they are sweet, spicy, or straight-up sour!

Meet Robert

cat sitter greensboro nc

Ms. Pudding (pictured above). She was the first cat with whom I really bonded. She loved sitting in my lap and getting massaged!

I've always had a burning desire to work for myself, but finding the perfect fit proved to be quite the challenge. That's when I started watching my wife, the heart and soul behind Snuggle Bug. Her dedication and commitment to the business were truly inspiring.

I decided to take a more hands-on approach to support her in her cat care endeavors. From driving her to client homes to shadowing her on cat sitting visits, it was like I got an exclusive backstage pass to the life of a professional cat sitter and realized that in spite of the hard work, it was very rewarding and fun.

Fast forward to the end of 2023, and it was clear that it was time for me to officially join the team. Taking on solo visits became second nature, and I found my rhythm in providing top-notch care for our clients' beloved cats.

My calm, assertive energy and gentle demeanor have proven to be a hit, especially with our shy, reserved feline friends. There's a special connection that forms when you approach them with patience and understanding, and I take pride in being the ideal cat sitter for these lovely companions.

Cats are such unique creatures and observing their behaviors has become a joy for me. It’s hard to believe that years ago, I used to call myself a “dog person”. Now, it’s hard for me to imagine my life without cats.

Memberships and Certifications

member and insured through pet sitters associates
pro pet hero cat and dog first aid and cpr certified
nextdoor neighborhood fave 2023 greensboro nc
cat sitting fundamentals certificate
cat sitting fundamentals certificate
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