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Our Services

All services begin with a complimentary Meet & Greet which you can learn about below. There are also Add-on Services you should know about listed at the bottom of the page. To find out if these services are offered in your neighborhood, check out our Service Area Map.

pet sitter with a orange tabby kitten

Cat Sitting & Enrichment

Your cat's happiness is our priority. Learn more about our pricing, visit time blocks, and availability below.

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small pet care

Small pets have a place too! Learn more about our pricing, visit time blocks, and availability below.

Meet & Greet

Pricing & Additional Fees

Initial MEET & GREET


The initial Meet & Greet is a complimentary 30 minute visit which allows us to meet you and your pets. During this time, we’ll conduct a home tour and go over general reminders and expectations. As a no-obligation meeting, there’s absolutely no pressure if either party decides not to move forward.

If you will be using a lockbox for key exchanges, please make sure you have the lockbox in your possession before the scheduled Meet & Greet.

15 minutes 


This visit length is for households with fish, birds, or pocket pets only (AKA Small Pet Care). Clients may only choose 1 mid-day flex visit a day with this service and visit length.

30 minutes


Our most popular option for smaller households or pets that don’t like much interaction. Clients may choose 1 or 2 visits a day depending on the needs of their pets. Mix and match any of our visit lengths to customize your pet’s care while you’re away.

45 minutes


For multi-pet homes or for cats who crave extra love and attention, these visits are purr-fect! They’ll get more time for play, snuggles, and trust-building. Clients may choose 1 or 2 visits a day depending on the needs of their pets. Mix and match any of our visit lengths to customize your pet’s care while you’re away.

follow-up meet & greet


If you need us to revisit your home after the Initial Meet & Greet, a Follow Up Meet & Greet will be required. Some reasons may be: moved to a new home, adopted new pets, significant changes to your pets routine, or more than 2 years have passed since your last booking.

extra cat fee


Households with more than 4 cats are charged $5 extra per cat, per visit to account for the extra work and are upgraded to 45 minute visits to ensure we do not rush through providing care.

insulin shot fee


Households with a diabetic cat are charged $5 extra per diabetic cat, per visit to account for the time-sensitive nature of insulin shots and the impact it has on our scheduling flexibility.

emergency vet transport


If your cat falls ill and must be transported to the vet for emergency care, you will be invoiced $50/hour. This includes the time it takes us to secure your cat in its carrier, the ride to a local emergency vet, and the wait time until your cat is admitted by vet staff. 

Visit Times & Notes

visit time blocks

AM visits are performed between 6-10 am

Mid-day Flex visits are performed between 10 am- 3 pm

PM visits are performed between 3-7 pm


Note 1: We reserve the right to shorten visits at our discretion if necessary. We also reserve the right to recommend longer/shorter visits or additional visits if necessary.


Note 2: Cats on time-sensitive meds will be given priority scheduling. That said, we do not guarantee specific visit hours and may adjust the time we visit based on our schedule for the day.

What Your Visits Include

We put down fresh food and water per your instructions. If you add supplements to your cat’s food or water bowls, we’ll add them while you’re away. We also scoop litter boxes at every visit. Litter is disposed of per your instructions, boxes are topped off to ensure there's at least 3-4 inches of litter, and any cat-related messes are promptly cleaned up.

Ready to get started?

Add-On Services

pet sitter deep cleaning litter box greensboro nc

COST: $20/box


DESCRIPTION: If your litter boxes need a deep clean, this service is for you! While our team is already at your house for a cat sitting visit, we'll dispose all the dirty litter, clean your litter boxes with mild soap and water, and refill the boxes with fresh, clean litter that you'll provide. 

Due to the messy nature of this job, we can only perform this service outside during favorable weather with access to a water hose and spray. 

This service is available upon request in your Time to Pet client portal. Be sure to include the number of litter boxes that need to be serviced.

Add-On Services
Service Area Map

Greensboro: most of 27409 and 27410; limited areas of 27403 (Lindley Park/ Arboretum) & 27407 (Adams Farm/ Hilltop)

Jamestown: most of 27282

We also offer very limited coverage in parts of 27265, High Point and 27455, Greensboro. Please feel free to email us to find out if you're in an area we cover.


service area 2024.JPG

This service map is for informational purposes only. It is not exact and should not be used to determine eligibility. 

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