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Seven Cat Must-Haves

Are you planning to adopt a cat during June, which coincidentally is Adopt-a-Cat month? If so, check out the following list of Cat Must-Haves to make sure you’re ready for your new furry feline.

  • Vertical Space

Think cat towers, window perches, wall shelves, bridges- anything to get your cat climbing and exploring. Online stores like Chewy, Amazon, and even Etsy sell a variety of classic and funky designs for your cat's vertical needs. Vertical space is also a great way to provide environmental enrichment to their daily lives.

Cat bridges
These cat bridges were handmade by my brother-in-law. They have provided Momo with an excellent way to explore and get away from his sister ;)

  • Scratching Outlets

Cats love to scratch. It’s a natural instinct. It’s the way they mark their territory. With this knowledge, do them a favor and provide a variety of scratching outlets, like door hangers, wall-mounted scratching posts, cardboard cat scratchers, towers- anything to help them satisfy their instincts and keep them away from your furniture. For every place in your home you say ‘No’ to them scratching, give them a place of their own which you can say ‘Yes’ to scratching. Tip: Sprinkle catnip or spray some cat pheromones on your cats’ new scratching posts to get them interested.

  • Bedding

Cats are funny little creatures. Some like to sleep in soft, cushiony beds. Others adore boxes. Still, others like blankets, ripple rugs, or simple brown wrapping paper. Invest in a few different types of bedding, varying the texture and composition of each to see what your cat prefers.

cat in carrier
CiCi has a marshmallow bed, several perches, blankets, and our legs, but sometimes nothing beats a carrier-turned-cave to relax in.

  • Toys

Every cat is into different things, so variety is key here. Some popular choices are feather wands, springs, puffballs, stuffed mice, and laser pointers. Keep in mind that not all cats enjoy playing by themselves. Have a few interactive toys on hand so you can play with your cat which will help build and strengthen your bond.

cat toys
Here are a few of Momo and CiCi’s toys. Momo (pictured) is very toy driven and demanded to be in the picture. For being such a good model, we played with his feather wand for a bit afterward. CiCi absolutely loves the springs. She will chase them for hours and howl after them.

  • Litter Boxes

This one seems like a no-brainer but it’s so important for cats to have places to go to the bathroom. Unless, of course, you don’t mind finding poop on your floor or urine sprayed on the wall. It is recommended that there be one litter box per cat in the home plus an extra. So if you have one cat, you should have two litter boxes, if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes, etc. They should also be put in socially important areas of your home. For example, if your cat spends a lot of time in your home office, place a litter box in there.

  • Love & Attention

Cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof. So some people might think cats don’t require as much from their owners. The reality is cats are very affectionate, loyal, and even downright needy when it comes to affection. I can speak from personal experience that whenever I go away on vacation, even for a few days, and return home, my cats are all over me, begging for attention. They curl up on my lap, rub their little heads on my hands to keep petting them, and follow me from room to room. They have emotional needs just like any living creature so it’s important to take time out every day to show them affection.

  • Proper Veterinary Care

Cats require annual preventive exams, vaccinations, regular nail trimmings and dental cleanings in order to stay healthy. Having a vet you trust and one your cats feel comfortable with is essential to their wellbeing.

Are you a busy professional struggling to find time to provide your cats with interactive play and dedicated affection during the week? If so, we can help! We offer daily cat sitting and enrichment visits that address these very issues. To learn more, please visit our Services page online.

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